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  1. Perhaps the sane thing to do is lockdown Thailand until the daily road fatalities are the same as the Covid deaths, and the daily road accidents causing injuries are the same or lower the Covid cases? Yeah? And yet ask any Thai (and most expats): Which are you more afraid of? Contracting Covid or getting killed or severely injured in a vehicle accident on Thai roads? Counter-intuitively most are afraid of contracting Covid. Even given that 20K to 25k (depending on the stats) are killed annually on Thai roads (depending if it's "on the scene" vs "on route to the hospital" vs after being
  2. As the economic conditions for normal Thais who are neither Puuyai or members of the SSO scheme start to deteriorate with the Puuyai mandating that commoners to close their businesses and the SSO worker bees enforcing the edicts, we'll eventually get to a point where the purpose of having razor-wire surrounding your house isn't to keep you locked in...
  3. Most, I believe, are not covered by SSO. Thailand's compensation is sort of like: Tier 1: Super Extra Special People Tier 2: Extra Special People Tier 3: The majority of the commoners
  4. Next up? All dirty Farangs, Indian, Middle Easterners and Africans will need to be surrounded by barb-wire fences and remain is their concentration camps. I can't wait until I wake up one morning to find my home barb-wired shut (although I have wire cutters). Is this where Thailand is headed? It's starting to look like it as well as smelling of racism unconstrained. Has this hit AP or Reuters yet?
  5. All right!!! Thank God! Covid will kill us all. All bars, restaurants (other then large corporate restaurants), all entertainment including places of worship (which are a form of entertainment), temples, churches, massage, small businesses, and public transporations should be closed down until a vaccinatin has been plunged into the arms of 70 million people - twice - and then everyone should still social distance and wear masks forever. The only exception to these rules should be large corporate stores, corporate restaurants, corporate hardware stores, and other clean venues. And human
  6. Good. They should just shut down the country until 2022. Then maybe, just maybe, the plebs can come out of thier hidey-hole. And if not! Well - shut not to 2030.
  7. Lets see. Go to or local national park. Admission for Thais (only written in Thai script - 40 THB) Admission for Dirty Foreigners (only written in English - 400 THB). So - extend that model to how xenophobic Thais with a greed complex will take advantage of the situation. Too bad organizations like the UN and the WHO don't get involved and mandate that public health supersedes individual (greedy) country's profit motives. But? BAH. It will never happen.
  8. As Just stating the obvious be it seems that so much everything "Thai" needs to somehow benefit a subset of the population at the expense of the rest of the population. Sad. Like you, in the meantime, along with other normal supplies I have prepped, I've stocked up with an anti-malarial medicine (in case I get malaria), a special antibiotic (in case I get an infection) and zinc (because zinc is just a good mineral for the male reproductive system. And I have enough for the entire family.
  9. The same Astra-Zentaca/Oxford vaccine that Thailand contracted to purchase as soon as it was in production is being rolled out in the UK. So it does beg the question - why not here? From what I read Thailand purchase the AZ/Oxford vaccines once in they were in production and well as purchasing the rights for the technology transfer to manufacture their own. One set of rules for First World countries?. A different set of rules for Third World and Developing? Makes one wonder. Perhaps someone can provide first-hand knowledge as why there is a difference between the UK and Thai
  10. I was told to expect that all Thais could grow ganga in their back yard as a cash crop to sell to Thai companies manufacturing cannabis medicine. What do you think we will see first? Commoner Thais allowed to grow a crop to supplement their merger incomes; or TEN MILLION foreigners all navigating a gauntlet of expensive regulatory dictates amounting to about 100,000 THB in order to simply ENTER Thailand. Personally? I'm thinking NEITHER. Unless they open 'tourism" to a 'bubble" country it ain't happening. Just like average Thai commoner will never be allow to grow cannab
  11. Haven't you noticed? Incident after incident after incident happens. The owner tells the authorities and clients to ***** themselves. The authorities do nothing but issue hot air. Then? Wash rinse repeat. Why parents don't pull their kids out is a mystery to me other than perhaps these kids parents want an abusive authority figure to abuse their children to instill a fear of authority in them. Me? Tape my child's mouth shut with tape? When I show up? Use your imagination. "You'd never do anything!" Trust me - yes I would. So I can't understand the Thai parents who l
  12. My point is that Congressman say all sorts of populace nonsense that they never follow through on. They make a lot of happy talk for their constituents, and then the majority of congress votes down the legislation, and the handful of jokers who proposed the happy talk make sad faces and tell the masses, "See! We tried. Make sure to vote for us!!!". I don't expect to see a cent from the US.
  13. I'll hold me breath and see what happens first. Me dying of lack of oxygen or me obtaining a Covid-Stimulus-Check. I know which will happen and which will not. You're not getting diddly-squat from your Congress. Don't plan on it. I wrote Congressman and Senators earlier this year. The Congressman and one Senator ignored me. The one Senator who commented back essentially said, "So sad, too bad for you. Nothing I can do. Boo Hoo." <now shut up and go away>. It was a rather condescending and pathetic letter.
  14. Why does the abuse keep happening? Because the government allows it to keep happening. Two tiered justice.
  15. 龚玥菲日本深夜秀 免费在线完整视频 龚玥菲日本深夜秀 免费在线完整视频 ,濑亚美莉步兵无马6部 濑亚美莉步兵无马6部 高清完整 濑亚美莉步兵无马6部 濑亚美莉步兵无马6部 高清完整 ,au5 aqq视频 au5 aqq视频 高清完整视频 au5 aqq视频 au5 aqq视频 高清完整视频
    So. Decades ago the US moves most of it's manufacturing base to China so corporations can employ dirt cheap labor and then reap massive profits. Of course, typical Westerners including corporate big-wigs and their political lackys who help them to facilitate trade deals that make the corporations obscenely wealthy in the short and medium term while destroying their domestic labor force all fail 100% to plan long term. So back in Kissingers day they celebrate all the cheap labor and believe that China will remain a subservient bunch of coolies doing the bidding of their corporate betters
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